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day five

If the house wasn’t really, totally and completely mine based on the thousand times I signed my name last week, it really is mine now: they took down the “For Sale/Sold” sign!

Now there’s just a little mound of earth. Kind of like a bald head that still has a tuft of hair at the top… maybe I’ll get a photo of it next time I’m there.

Today I tested the “small projects in small chunks of time” theory (since this working gal unfortunately can’t devote every waking moment to sanding, priming, painting and staining). I picked up paint at Menard’s over lunch, and swung by the house on my way to a meeting after work to do some swatch tests.

I wanted to get the red on the walls in a few places so I can decide if I need to prime the walls this weekend. The guy at Menards didn’t think I would have to, since I’m using paint with a red (rather than a neutral) base.

Not to mention that I’m crazy impatient to see this red on the walls.

The swatch was much darker than the mixed paint, so I’m looking forward to seeing how it dries.

For now, I have patches of paint on three walls. Maybe I can sneak over there one morning before work and see how it looks in the early morning light, since usually I see the house in the late afternoon.

And in case any of you weren’t sure what I meant the other day about the lamp in the dining room… well, here’s a better view (look for the tiny red swatch through the doorway on the left):

So, anyone want to help me paint this Saturday and next? I’ll buy beer and pizza 🙂


my love affair with red

Those of you who know me well know about my long-standing obsession with the color red. It’s true – I just love it (and my closet can prove it). But sometimes I forget that and decide to try something new. Like the time I picked out bedding for my college dorm room and ended up with blue and white. I regretted it for years. Our house off-campus during senior year ended up being mostly red because of the amazing red floral couches and braided rugs we inherited from my roommate’s mom… and even though I had traded my red car for a black one by this time, that house reminded me why I love red so much.

I still have those red couches, and they’re coming with me to the new house. They might actually end up under slipcovers down the road… but for now, they’re going in the living room, plaid pillows and all.

This all became very important today when I was standing in my new kitchen, holding up paint swatches in the afternoon sunlight. But they weren’t red. They were blue. Marina and New World by Dutch Boy, to be precise. And they were beautiful. Shades of turquoise – one darker, one lighter – and stunning with the cabinets.

But as much as I loved them, it just didn’t feel right. Stepping back into the living room and dining room, I knew that the same thing would bother me with turquoise as bothers me now with the beautiful spring green the previous owners painted it: the dining room lamp. Of course, it’s not just any lamp. It’s stained glass (my fave) in shades of red, amber, brown and just a hints of purple and green.

So I took a deep breath and pulled out the red swatches. “Am I really going to have a red kitchen?” I asked myself? “Am I that predictable? Can I not find any other color that will work? Am I going to make this decision around a lampshade, really?”

Yep, I am. Because I love that lamp, and I love red, and it’s going to look amazing with the cabinets and my white dishes. In this case, I’m going to have to be okay with being predictable.

Cranberry Punch DC301, I’m looking forward to meeting you next weekend.

Empty House

After the closing on Thursday, I went over to the house for a little while to take pictures and check on some things. First, I was surprised by this lovely housewarming gift from the sellers:

Isn’t that sweet?! Matt’s is my favorite place, and I can’t wait to use the gift certificate. They were so nice throughout the whole process. The even left me a map of the garden:

And, within the hour I was at the house, I met two new neighbors. One knocked on the door after he saw me taking pictures on the porch – he and his wife just bought their first house across the street about a year ago. My neighbor directly across the street was playing catch with her son in the yard when I left. Both are named Chris (the neighbors I met, not the mom and son). No way am I going to complain about friendly neighbors 🙂

So here are a few shots of the house, now that it’s empty! Won’t be that way for long…

The moving-in has officially begun:

– LG

It’s official!

I bought a house today!

I have the keys in my hand. Well, some of them. The sellers gave me five! We’ll see how long it takes me to lose all of them.

Next up: paint! I have a few rooms in mind to repaint, and a few touch-ups to tackle throughout the house. So I’m off to pick up some swatches and start making the oh-so-important color choices. Any suggestions?

So excited!!

– LG

Twenty-four hours and twenty-five minutes!

Just 24:25 until I get the keys! The final walk-through is tonight, and the mountain of paperwork is finished. I haven’t used a fax machine this much in years. So, I’m starting this blog to keep friends and family posted on my adventures in home ownership.

Most of you know that I’ve been busy collecting things for the new house via Freecycle Minneapolis for a few weeks now. My goal is to get the majority of must-have items (like tools, gardening stuff, paint and furniture) for free or on sale this spring, and work on finishing the rest of the decorating throughout the summer and fall. I’ll be posting photos of my best finds, and my tips for freecycling and sale-shopping, as I go.

For now, I’m concentrating on the workday and getting ready to celebrate. Tomorrow, the paint chips come out in full force!