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moving day: in pictures

Thanks for the well-wishes, everyone. Moving day went great! In fact, it might have been the least stressful moving day I’ve ever experienced. Of course I’m chalking that up to the decision of hiring professional movers for the furniture. Completely, totally, utterly worth every penny.

I’ll post more photos when I’m fully moved in and settled, but for now, here’s a peek:

getting ready to move the couches out of the apartment

apartment bedroom

squeezing the couches through the front door

This Civil War-era bed has been mine since I was a little girl, and it was my mom’s before that. Grandpa Sterling found it at a farm auction in Iowa back in the ’60s. If you look closely at the bottom of the headboard, you can see the knobs that used to anchor the ropes that held the mattress. Mom used to have “rope-pulling parties” to tighten the ropes before Grandpa added slats and a mattress board.

obviously the best moving truck ever

it’s amazing how little space your stuff actually takes up in one of those huge moving vans!

hello, let me take up the entire block

front porch (arguably a room of the house, and the place I’ll probably spend most of my time)

dining room alcove

living room


it was a beautiful day – 80 degrees and partly cloudy. perfect for moving.

and, the irises in the front yard finally graced us with their presence!

the most amazing bouquet of flowers I’ve ever seen (check out those orange ones!), from my colleagues at NCG

flowers from my garden

Cookbooks are ready to go! Dishes and food, not so much.

dear new house

“I know they say you can’t go home again
I just had to come back one last time…

If I could just come in I swear I’ll leave
Won’t take nothing but a memory
From the house that built me.”

– Miranda Lambert
“The House That Built Me”
In honor of moving day:

San Antonio, TX | 1985-92

San Antonio, TX | 1992-94

San Antonio, TX | 1994-96
photo: Thanksgiving 2003

Davis, CA | 1996-2007

Northfield, MN | 2007-08

Minneapolis, MN | 2008-10

Minneapolis, MN | 2010-

Dear new house,
We’ve been getting to know each other for a while now. But today is the big day. I will no longer be able to run away from you, back to my comfortable apartment where I know every creaking floorboard. I’m excited, and only the teensiest bit apprehensive, about spending all my time with you from now on. I promise to take care of you, and to try and remain charmed by your sloping floors and uneven walls. If, in return, you can shelter me, and make me smile with your surprises, and help me entertain friends and family as often as possible, then we’ll just call it even.
It’s not your fault that you are number seven. Blame it on the Air Force, if you want (although it’s not really their fault either). I’ve loved every house I’ve lived in, so the bar is high – but I have faith in you. Plus you’ve been around longer than any of the others, so that’s got to count for something.
Here’s to many happy years.

racing to the finish line

It’s now 34 hours before the movers arrive. Let’s not talk about how little I’ve packed, and instead celebrate two victories: the basement and my bedroom are finished! (At least to the point of being ready for furniture.)

A huge thank-you to my friend Jen, who helped me paint on Monday night (and kept me from banging my head against the wall whilst deciding what to do with the living room walls).

It’s a whole new meaning for the words “finished basement.”

baseboards on Monday

baseboards on Tuesday

doesn’t this room just scream “fill me with furniture?”

As much as I love painting (and I do, strangely enough) it’s actually kind of a tragedy that I’ve been stuck inside the last few days because the weather here has been gorgeous. And awesome for my little tomato seedlings, which finally get to hang out on the patio instead of my kitchen counter:

So, that makes three rooms down (and only four to go). Hooray!

– LG

weekend transformation #2

While dad and uncle Steve were upstairs working on the new floor, I spent most of the weekend in the basement. Having painted the first coat of yellow last weekend – and not loving it – I started over with a new shade: more lemongrass-y, less orange-y. And it was definitely worth it.

11:30 am Saturday – “Midday Sun” on the walls (aka macaroni and cheese in paint form)

4:00 pm Sunday – painting the brick wall

6:00 pm – after two coats of “Rice Wine”

lots of tiny footprints and paint drops: the reason I have to repaint the basement floor

9:00 pm – basement floor, after painting myself into the stairwell

There’s a little bit of work left in the basement, but it’s come a long way from this, wouldn’t you agree?

March 25th

weekend transformation #1

This was my room on Friday night…

… and this is it now!

A lot happened in between, and there are still a few things left to finish before moving day on Thursday. But thanks to the amazing work of my dad and uncle, there’s a new hardwood laminate floor in my bedroom! Here’s the play-by-play:

7:30 am Saturday – Ours for the day, courtesy of Home Depot

9:00 am – Getting rid of the yucky carpet

11:00 am – Taking out the carpet staples

Laying the floorboards

Adding new baseboard molding

10:30 pm — done for the day

me and dad

2:00 pm Sunday – goodbye, chocolate brown

4:00 pm – hello, sea anenome

Also gone: the draperies and the closet doors. But keep your eyes out for them to reappear, repurposed, elsewhere in the house this summer.

good news, bad news

bad news: turns out the floor in my bedroom is pine, not a hardwood.

good news: dad is staying an extra day in minnesota to give me a hand at the house.

so what’s the plan? well, you’ll find out sunday night when we’re done!

for now I’m off to Home Depot for about the fiftieth time this week.


more fun firsts

Guess what I learned this weekend?

1. Someone in my neighborhood has a BB gun.
2. This person has good aim with squirrels.
I’ll spare you the photos of how I know this (although they do exist). But it involved discovering two dead squirrels in my yard whilst mowing the lawn on Saturday.
Thanks to my old dog, Shauna, it’s not the first time I’ve found dead squirrels in the yard. But it was a first for this house – so I guess it counts for the list.
Sunday was exciting in a different way… my dad, grandparents and uncle got to see the house for the first time!

Sarah, Grandpa, Grandma & Uncle John

Dad and his girls

Also pretty cool: my grandpa lived four blocks down on the same street when he was studying at the U back in the 40’s:

The only thing missing was Mom. I miss you! Happy mother’s day… I love you, you know.

– LG

Guess who’s coming to the neighborhood?

Exciting news alert! It’s official: the Nomadic Millers are settling down back in Minneapolis after three years abroad, and they happened to find a house in my new neighborhood. In fact, they’ll be just two blocks from me! (I staked it out a few weeks ago and sent them some photos, since they’re still in Thailand).

Keith and Julia are two of my favorite people in the world (which is lucky because they’re family so I’m stuck with them anyways). This is us in Thailand last fall when I went a-visiting:

Not to mention, I have another amazing cousin (from the other side of the family) renovating a house of her own just down the road. I’ve never lived this close to so much family in my life. I can’t wait until we’re all moved in! Maybe I’ll even stick around for some holidays from now on.

– LG

getting acquainted with my garden

It’s been spring for what, like, three weeks? And this garden is already growing like crazy! Every day I go back there, there’s something blooming that wasn’t there before. I especially love the random rhubarb plant growing underneath the tree with the white petals (which, by the way, isn’t listed on the landscape map I got from the previous owners. Anyone happen to know what it is?)

I took a little break from working on the house this weekend and tackled the garden instead. If you’re craving dandelion greens in your salad this week, feel free to come on over and harvest away in my backyard. It’s full of them.
Even without touching the grass, I still ended up with quite a collection from the patio and walkway and flower beds:
Plus, I’m lucky to have a good friend who l-o-v-e-s to mow lawns. As in, he begs me to let him come over and use the mower because he loves it that much. Saturday night during our kickball team BBQ at the house he even snuck out and grabbed the mower. He’d finished the back yard by the time we found him.
All to say, my yard is looking pretty good now. We’ll see how long that lasts.

let there be fire

The grill works! We actually learned this last Thursday when a friend helped me get it going, but Saturday was the real test.


So, when are you all coming over for dinner?