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putting the walls to work

Remember that cool coat/key hook made out of old trim I found at Junk Bonanza a few weeks back?

It’s finally up and making itself useful:
So are the ribbon boards that I got for free from a neighbor in California, and which hung over my bed in the old house:
Now they’re prettying up the pantry nook, and are the perfect place to stash recipes, tickets and brochures that I need but don’t want cluttering up the fridge. I’d considered giving them away when I moved, but now I’m really glad I didn’t 🙂
I also finally got around to hanging the completely non-useful but oh-so-pretty piece of ironwork that I found at a farmer’s market in Salt Lake City this summer:

And hopefully I’ll have more progress to show soon… you know, now that the snow is here and I’ll be stuck inside for four months 😉

the first snow

We had flurries a week or two ago, but last night was the first real snow. And by last night, I mean, it’s been snowing steadily for sixteen hours.

bookshelf for sale

For my local readers:

I’m selling my IKEA Billy Bookcase (medium brown, including the five original shelves plus an extra glass shelf). I’ve had it for three years, and it’s in great shape other than a crack in the bottom of the back panel that’s been reinforced and is easily hidden with books from the front. The photo above shows a white-ish area along the side panel but that’s just a reflection from the windows. $50.

Leave a comment or shoot me an email if you’re interested in taking a closer look.

90 degrees

No, it’s not 90 degrees in Minnesota, or in my house.

When my parents were here a few weeks ago, we rotated the bed in the third bedroom. Funny thing is, I’d planned to orient the bed that way originally, but the moving guys talked me into placing it against the wall with the window. Which was fine at first… but I like it much better this way.

The official before-and-after shots (including the progress we’ve made on painting the room):
What a difference 90 degrees makes, eh?

curtains in the yellow room

It took three tries, but we finally found curtains we like for the yellow room! “We” meaning, me and my mother 😉 We found them a while ago, actually, but I just realized that I’d never posted photos.

At first we tried patterned drapes, then dark green. I should have taken photos along the way but I forgot.

But I’m glad we found the brown. They’re sheer, so they don’t feel overwhelming in the room. But they also tie the rug and bed pillows together and complement the yellow walls nicely.
Now… we just have to find a headboard that will fit under the sloped ceiling. Ideally we’ll find one that has bookshelves extending on either side, since there isn’t really room for bedside tables. So far it’s been a tall order. Suggestions welcome 🙂

the end of the garden

We had our first hard frost last week, and I spent most of Sunday afternoon raking leaves and pulling dead vegetable plants out of the garden.

basil and broccoli

tomatoes and beans

cherry tomatoes

a formerly vibrant zucchini plant

hydrangea trees

Already counting the days until I can plant next year’s tomatoes.