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"home office"

there’s this:

but for some reason, we always end up like this:

like mother, like daughter?


News flash: My family is visiting. (Mostly my mom, with dad and brother and sister floating in and out.) Which should explain a lot if you’ve been waiting to hear from me. But more on that later. For now, check out the amazing work that my mom did in the yard this weekend. I helped, but she’s a machine when it comes to gardening. And it is nice to have her help … not going to lie.

Before (tree outside my back door, which I intend to cut down soon):


Before (the whole yard):

After (the whole yard):

The side and front (after – I forgot to take before shots):

Why pay thousands of dollars to go work on a farm and eat good food in Italy or France when you could just come here and do the same thing for free? 🙂