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VOLUNTEER | a poem

Not a poem by me, no, I do not write poetry. This was written for me by a dear friend (and a real poet). It is so meaningful to me at this particular point in my life. For many reasons. I just had to share it with you.
And when Kelin was visiting last week, we took a walk around the neighborhood and high-fived the plants. /love/
            for lgm
            by Kelin Loe
What I want out of a vine is a safe place for insects. 
What I want out of a leaf is a high five.
I saw an ant carrying the still body of a smaller ant across my counter. 
What I want out of a flower is a cutlass. 
My friend has a house in Tuscan. 
She gave me a cactus when I picked her up from the airport.
My friend has a house in Fort Lauderdale. 
She has a plant in her yard with leaves so big we sat beneath one.
My friend has a house in Minneapolis. 
We reached through the cabinet doors for wine glasses.
My friend has a house in Cleveland. 
We stretched out on the new carpet while her dog huffed around us.
Bugs die so much that they must be used to it. 
It is my house, and I am not used to it. 
I do not want my friends to move. 
When the plants get their magic right, I will sleep through the night.