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gold, silver and peacock feathers

I’ve found some amazing treasures at some antique and vintage stores in South Minneapolis and Uptown this summer.

First, a 30-piece set of silver to add to my collection of various silverware patterns (and, altogether, I only paid $1.73 because of a 20% off sale at Hunt and Gather and a gift certificate from some dear friends who know me very, very well).

Peacock feathers for just three bucks a pop, which you’ve already seen in the living room (a now-closed antique store on Hennepin and 27th).

And a fantastic gold key that is also destined for the living room (from Rewind Vintage at 48th and Chicago).

Aren’t old things just so much prettier than new ones?

someone’s trash = my new favorite things

I’ve had major success recently finding antiques at some local thrift/occasional stores:

Not only did I find an almost-complete set of dishes (white! with a basket weave pattern!) for only $10…
But I also convinced them to sell me the awesome black thing they were using to hang tablecloths on display. Turns out it is the side of an old crib.
And more importantly, perfect for hanging scarves on the awkward small wall between my closet and my bedroom door:

Let me tell you – I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect scarf hanger for about a year now. For a while I was picturing an old ladder, until I realized that wood slivers and rusty nails definitely do not mix with silk and cashmere scarves, carefully handpicked from market stalls worldwide and carried home in my arms. True story. So, the search continued. And I’m happy to report that my drilling and nailing efforts have so far kept it on the wall!
I also found some amazing glass and wood lamps a few weekends back. They’ve been sitting on the bedroom floor, looking forlorn while I dealt with more important things like haunted washers and dryers and backyard bbq’s. But when I made my giant IKEA trip last weekend (more on that later), I found some lampshades for the forlorn lamps. And, coincidentally, some nightstands for them to sit on.
So then I had to learn how to fix the antique lamps. It’s actually pretty easy, I learned, so long as the wiring is intact. All I needed was a little WD-40, new lightbulbs, and some hardware for the lampshades and on/off switches.

I wish it had been more complicated – and therefore, exciting – but really, getting the lamps fixed up couldn’t have been easier.

And just in time, too. The observant among you will notice some new bedding in these photos, and it’s true – I finally got my new mattress and am no longer sleeping in the polka-dotted guest bedroom. Hooray!

But for those photos, my friends, you will have to wait. Just a little bit longer. This girl has some cleaning to do before she shows off the new room 🙂