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finishing the floor

Back in May, my dad and uncle helped me replace the floor in the master bedroom. It used to look like this. Then, for a while (due to my spectacular lack of knowledge regarding flooring installation), it looked like this:

Those would be the transitions between the floor and its neighbors: carpet in the closet and another type of wood in the hallway.

But now, thanks to the help of an awesome handyman (seriously, let me know if you need a recommendation in Minneapolis), the floor is finally finished. Doesn’t it look purty?

For such a little detail, I’m amazed at what a difference it makes.

weekend transformation #1

This was my room on Friday night…

… and this is it now!

A lot happened in between, and there are still a few things left to finish before moving day on Thursday. But thanks to the amazing work of my dad and uncle, there’s a new hardwood laminate floor in my bedroom! Here’s the play-by-play:

7:30 am Saturday – Ours for the day, courtesy of Home Depot

9:00 am – Getting rid of the yucky carpet

11:00 am – Taking out the carpet staples

Laying the floorboards

Adding new baseboard molding

10:30 pm — done for the day

me and dad

2:00 pm Sunday – goodbye, chocolate brown

4:00 pm – hello, sea anenome

Also gone: the draperies and the closet doors. But keep your eyes out for them to reappear, repurposed, elsewhere in the house this summer.

good news, bad news

bad news: turns out the floor in my bedroom is pine, not a hardwood.

good news: dad is staying an extra day in minnesota to give me a hand at the house.

so what’s the plan? well, you’ll find out sunday night when we’re done!

for now I’m off to Home Depot for about the fiftieth time this week.