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patio 2.0

It took a full weekend of sweaty work, but the patio has gone from this…

to this:

And soon, the grill will go too (it broke last summer).

Otherwise in the garden…

The tomatoes are doing great this year — much better than last year, by a mile. Other things are coming along a little slower, like the basil and lemon cucumbers. I think they’ll catch up now that it’s averaging 80 or 90 degrees every day.

I picked up some new flowers at the farmers market this weekend — marigolds for the side yard tomatoes, and some blue astria (“balloon flower,” a perennial). The begonias are flowering like crazy and the nasturtiums I planted from seed are growing up strong … soon to join my lunchtime salads.

furniture update: the yellow room

I know it’s been a while since I’ve shown you room updates — in the summer, most of my attention goes to the garden. But I have some projects in process, and one of them recently reached a milestone.

After three years of no bedside stands, then cool but not-quite-right bedside stands, in the yellow room … we have a winner!

I found these beauties at Cost Plus World Market, which recently re-opened a store in the Twin Cities. (Conveniently, one freeway exit from my office. My wallet has not been pleased. You’ll see more CPWM soon.)

The space between the bed and the wall is about 12″ at the pillow level, but only about 10″ down at the floor level due to the baseboard and the bed frame. So that narrowed down the choices considerably.

The black legs are perfect for this room, which is a mix of woods and black accents (rug, wall artwork, candleholders, curtain rods).

To finish off the room, I’m still looking for the perfect headboard and nightstand lamps (either tabletop or wall-mount). But, making progress!

a major(ly) spontaneous purchase

I accidentally pushed the living room project up by a few months/years today … by buying a new couch. Over the phone.

A dark brown leather sectional, to be exact 🙂

This isn’t the greatest photo (the color is warmer in real life), but it will give you the idea:

(To give you a sense of the size, it’s eight feet by eight feet – a slightly smaller footprint than the current arrangement of couches in the living room.)

It was a spontaneous purchase of the best kind. I’ve had a picture in my mind for months about the perfect couch for the upstairs living room (where the red couches are) – 1) comfy, 2) genuine leather, 3) not too deep or too narrow, 4) armrests on both ends (shocking how many couches don’t have this nowadays), 5) curved sectional with connecting hardware, 6) not too ornate or too casual, 7) not insanely expensive. The combination was hard to find. I’d shopped around in Minneapolis, and then given up for a while this spring because I wasn’t finding anything I liked. So instead I focused on finishing the guest bedroom, and thought I’d start looking for couches again in the summer or fall.

Then, my cousin and I walked into a shop in the Old Market of Omaha, and that’s where I found it – the perfect leather sectional. As close to the comfort level of my red couches as I think I’m going to get. Beautiful walnut-colored genuine leather. Zipper attachments for the pillows so they don’t slide out of place. A curved corner seat. Armrests (and pretty ones at that). Best of all? A great price, and a steal on the shipping arrangements.

It won’t be here for 4-6 weeks, which is just fine because I have to sell the red couches and paint the room first.

Did I really just buy a couch over the phone from a store two states away? (Not even a furniture store, mind you. Just a random store.)

Yes. Because when you find what you’ve been looking for, you go for it. Right?

estate sales and wicker chairs

So, let’s be honest, moving the rest of my stuff took a few days. And then I ran off to Georgia for a wedding over the long weekend. Twelve days after the magic moving van did its thing, I have hardly unpacked anything except what I needed for my trip… the house is a crazy maze of boxes, laundry baskets and bags (does anyone else pack books and other heavy things in tote bags and backpacks? raise your hands! my favorite trick.) Case in point:

Yeah, that’s supposed to be the way into the living room. Don’t come over to visit yet.
But, there is good news. During moving weekend, despite the rain and my sore arms, I was lucky enough to acquire a few key pieces of furniture that are perfect for the house. (Me = happy dance).
First, I found an estate sale a few blocks from my house, and got these fun benches and planting box for the backyard:

Not exactly free… but exactly what I wanted!
Then, later that day, I inherited these amazing bamboo & wicker chairs from my friend Lindsay who is headed to Florida for grad school. Although I’m sad to see her go (really, I am – she’s a great friend), I am honored and excited to have these chairs on my front porch. Especially because A) she got them for free, and spray-painted the seats herself (they used to be dark green), and B) they look great around the random kitchen table that I got from a neighbor three years ago, and couldn’t fit anywhere in the house except the front porch.
So, now they can be happy all together (and bask in their fabulous free-ness, and know that only adds to my affection for them):

Oh yes. I am pleased. Come see me soon (but not too soon) and enjoy all the fun new places I have for you to sit!
– LG