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Whoops. It’s been so long since I’ve posted here that Blogger kicked me out of the system. I think this is the first time I’ve had to log in since I started the blog 🙂
But, well, it’s been worth it. My family has been visiting for a while, and a recent vision diagnosis has kept me away from the computer (that too is being fixed… the glasses have arrived!) So while a lot has been going on at the house, and I’ve definitely been taking pictures with the intention of posting them, I’ve been putting off blogging in favor of spending time with my fam. (So sue me.)

However, tonight I couldn’t resist. Because my parents are the best and surprised me with an awesome birthday/Christmas gift when I got home tonight…

Hello garage door opener!

It was pretty cute how they planned the whole thing, actually. And mom was smart enough to take pictures, so…
While I was at work, they had the nice garage door installation guys come over and set me up with an automatic opener.

I’ve been parking in the garage since the day I woke up to a quarter-inch of ice on my car. But, doing so has required opening and closing the door manually. Not a problem, really… but the door had a funny habit of sliding back down while I was pulling out of the garage. Kind of a nerve-wracking way to start the day, honestly.
When I got home, they were hiding in their car next to the garage. As I pulled up, the garage door started rising. I thought my dad was on the other side of it, just helping me out. But no. They were sitting in their car, sending the door up and down and watching me walk around the alley trying to figure out what was going on 🙂 Funny, aren’t they?

No more futzing with the door… yay! Funny how a very practical gift can be so exciting nowadays.
And then we went inside and celebrated my birthday (early) with the Millers. Double yay.

I’ll be back soon with photos from Thanksgiving week and decorating the house for Christmas. And thanks, Mom and Dad. You’re the best.