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landscaping maps

Hand-drawn maps. Boom.

Hat tip to my cousin Tamara who helped me ID a few of these. When I moved into the house, the previous owners had left me a labeled map of most of the plants in the backyard … but not the side or the front. So it’s been a long overdue (and time-intensive) project for me to track down and map out everything in the yard. Check! Off the list.


  • A – Arborvitae
  • AL – Alyssum
  • As – Astilbe – Vision in White
  • B – Beets
  • BE – Black-Eyed Susans
  • BG – Begonia
  • BH – Bleeding Heart
  • BL – Basil
  • Br – Broccoli
  • BS – Brussels Sprouts
  • BSA – Black Scallop Ajuga
  • BT – Baby Tut Grass
  • BW – Bridalwreath (officially: Vanhoutte Spirea)
  • C – Clematis
  • CB – Coral Bells (Berry Smoothie)
  • CBLM – Coral Bells – Lime Marmalade
  • CDP – Columbine – Dark Purple
  • Cl – Cilantro
  • Cm – Columbine – mixed (seeds)
  • CO – Coleus
  • CR – Croton (pot)
  • CS – Cushion Spurge (technically, it’s a kind of grass! who knew!)
  • CT – Candytuft (seeds)
  • CTL – Catalpa Tree
  • D – Dianthus (seeds)
  • DA – Daffodils
  • DF – Diamond Frost
  • DL – Day Lily
  • DR – Dracaena Spike
  • FCA – Flowering Crabapple
  • H – Hosta
  • Hy – Hydrangea Tree
  • HyB – Hydrangea Bush
  • I – Iris
  • K – Kale
  • L – Lilac Tree
  • La – Lavender
  • LAN – Lantana
  • LC – Lemon Cucumber
  • LM – Ladies Mantle
  • Lp – Lupine (seeds)
  • LV – Lemon Verbena
  • M – Maple
  • MG – Marigolds
  • MGC – Marigold – African Crackerjack
  • MGS – Marigold – Snowdrift (seeds)
  • ML – Mixed Lettuces
  • MT – Mint
  • Mu – Mums (Chrysanthemums)
  • N – Nasturtium
  • O – Oregano
  • P – Polygonatum
  • PP – Peppers
  • Py – Peony
  • R – Raspberry
  • RC – Red Comb Celosia
  • Ry – Rosemary
  • S – Sedum
  • SA – Sage
  • SC – Swiss Chard
  • SD – Shasta Daisy (seeds)
  • SM – Snow on the Mountain (Aegopodum)
  • SPV – Sweet Potato Vine – Marguerite
  • ST – Silver Dust
  • SVB – Salvia – Victoria Blue
  • SVP – Salvia – Vista Purple
  • T – Tomatoes
  • Th – Thyme
  • Tp – Tulips
  • Y – Yarrow

two-year anniversary: the house now

Two years into living in the little farmhouse, a lot has changed. You can see the whole transformation here… but for those of you who have been following the transformation all along, here is an up-to-date tour of the house, top to bottom!

Dining Room

Living Room


Yellow Bedroom

Blue Bedroom
Master Bedroom



Front Porch

the big reveal…

OK, so I meant to post this on Tuesday but my internet has been down all week. Le sigh.

The good news is this: my house has a brand spankin’ new roof!

Taking before and after pictures wasn’t really worth it, since it looks exactly the same (luckily). But here are some of the in-between mess:

It all started last spring, with a hailstorm that led my insurance company to declaring the roof “totaled.” And then a summer of back-and-forth with the roofing company. And then a long line of other roofs for them to fix. But finally, it was my turn. And two days after they arrived, waking me up at sunrise with ladders against my window, they pulled the last pile of shingles and tarps off the front lawn and I have a new roof on my house.

Ta-da. Major “someday” project = checked off the list.

in visitor condition

The house is spic and span … perhaps cleaner than it has been in a long, long time, although I’m loathe to admit that. But tomorrow begins ten days of parents, aunts, cousins and friends descending upon the house for a variety of parties and visits. So I’ve been scrubbing for days. There are a few corners (especially in the basement) that aren’t as organized as I’d like them to be, but as of Saturday it’s all going to be as done as it can be.

So for the record, here’s every room of the house, shot on the same night (I can pretty much guarantee that it’s the cleanest any of them have been at the same time since I moved in).

And with that I’ve also accomplished my to-do task of giving ya’ll an updated tour of the place. So there you go. Enjoy. Come visit. I mean it – I’m ready.

stepping back: six month check-in

It’s been six months since I got the keys, and things are coming together. Not always the way I imagined in my mind, but that’s okay – it’s still great. For instance: I’ve only had one major mechanical failure, and the basement stayed mostly dry during last week’s record-breaking rain. I have just three more rooms to paint, and there’s functional furniture in all the necessary places. I finally have the DVD player hooked up to the TV. Maybe someday I’ll even get an antenna.

But overall, it’s home. And it’s amazing. Thanks to all of you who have lent a hand in helping me over the last six months. Truly, I couldn’t have done it without you.