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fix it february

We’ve had 40+ days of sub-zero temperatures in the beautiful Twin Cities this year. They’re saying it’s the coldest winter in a generation. Since 1981-82, which is before my parents left Minnesota for Texas.

All of this to say: I can’t fix the weather, so I’m fixing everything else. Understatement? Welcome to Fix It February, y’all.

This past week, the focus has been my blog (#nerd). If you read my blog via RSS or email, as many of you do, you won’t have noticed much of a change, but that’s ok! It’s working a lot better on the back-end now. I’ve had a few things I needed to fix since the site migration in November, and their lingering presence on my to-do list has also been a major reason for my lack of posting these recent weeks. See! Another thing that will now be fixed.

Kind of neat, though, if you like this sort of thing: you can now see related posts when reading any of my blog posts. You can also browse by categories — just navigate to “Archives and Categories” via the main menu.

archives and categories

Next up: some DIY fix-it projects around the house. It’s time for all the little annoyances to be checked off the list.

What are you working on during this cold spell? Or the drought in California? Or whatever crazy weather it is where you are? 🙂

you’re in the right place!

I’ve moved! Not houses (heavens, no). But if you’ve been following me at, this is the new place to be. The blog is undergoing a bit of a facelift as I make the transition, but I’ll continue updates about the farmhouse, share recipes I’m trying and tips I’m learning about home ownership.

If you follow me via RSS, the subscription should have switched over automatically. If you’re seeing the “I’m moving” post instead of this one, though, drop me a note and we’ll see if we can get it sorted out (or try or in your favorite RSS reader). If you’re one of my email subscribers, stay tuned for a new email subscription option coming soon. Friends with WordPress blogs, time for us to get together and geek out.

new blog features

If you’ve been peeking at the blog site recently, you might have noticed some changes… like the new Free Finds and Room by Room pages! (These are separate from the posts that feed into the RSS, so you won’t get update announcements for these pages if you subscribe to the blog.)

Check out Free Finds out if you’re interested in learning more about how I find free furniture, tools and other fun things. I’ll also post photos of my latest discoveries and, occasionally, links to free events or product giveaways that I think are particularly awesome.

The Room by Room page is pretty self-explanatory… photos of the house, room by room. The “before” photos are from the inspection and closing day. I’ll post “after” photos for each room as I move in and decorate over the next few months.

Another thing: I’ve made some changes to the back-end of the blog this weekend, so if you subscribe to the RSS feed, you might want to unsubscribe and resubscribe to make sure you’re seeing everything. Let me know if you have questions.

I’ve been sick this weekend, so I didn’t paint the second coat of red in the kitchen. But I gave away a pile of stuff on Freecycle! And started packing boxes… so it was still productive.

– LG

how I named the blog

110-year-old house in city neighborhood + favorite childhood book. easy.