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seedling season

I said a few weeks ago that this stay-at-home spring feels a lot like the first few months as a homeowner. A lot of this is because that was the first — and last — year that I tried starting my garden from seeds instead of purchasing seedlings from a nursery. As soon as my employer told me, in mid-March, that we’d be working remotely until at least the end of April, I thought “well … I would finally be home to water seeds!”

And so, friends, I jumped in with basically no plan. I visited the neighborhood hardware store the weekend before Minnesota’s stay-at-home order went into effect, and I grabbed a bunch of seed packets, seedling trays and a grow light. It wasn’t until a month in that I realized my grow light situation was probably only 1/10 of what the seeds really needed … like I said, no plan. But it made me feel better about giving them a try, since spring weather in Minnesota means we don’t plant outdoors until between Mother’s Day and Memorial Day.

I’m excited about the herbs and veggies for sure, but I’m especially hopeful about the perennials. Buying a packet of seeds for $3 could yield dozens of plants that otherwise cost $15 or more apiece from a garden center. I know that’s because they’re time-intensive to nurture, so we’ll see if it works out in my favor by the end of the summer. But if I can fill my side yard with bee- and butterfly-friendly flowers that will come back year after year, I’ll be happppppy.

To be continued …

planted 4/5: lavender, green onion, oregano, lettuce, sweet basil, genovese basil, chives, red bell peppers, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers; perennials: soapwort, black eyed susans, shasta daisies, coneflowers, butterfly flowers, hollyhock; annuals: cosmos, coleus, poppies
week 1 | the winner for first to sprout is … cosmos! three days!
weeks 1-3 | grow lamp and west-facing sunlight in the upstairs guest bedroom
week 4 | transition to the three-season porch
week 4 | everything has germinated except the soapwort and coneflowers

furniture update: the yellow room

I know it’s been a while since I’ve shown you room updates — in the summer, most of my attention goes to the garden. But I have some projects in process, and one of them recently reached a milestone.

After three years of no bedside stands, then cool but not-quite-right bedside stands, in the yellow room … we have a winner!

I found these beauties at Cost Plus World Market, which recently re-opened a store in the Twin Cities. (Conveniently, one freeway exit from my office. My wallet has not been pleased. You’ll see more CPWM soon.)

The space between the bed and the wall is about 12″ at the pillow level, but only about 10″ down at the floor level due to the baseboard and the bed frame. So that narrowed down the choices considerably.

The black legs are perfect for this room, which is a mix of woods and black accents (rug, wall artwork, candleholders, curtain rods).

To finish off the room, I’m still looking for the perfect headboard and nightstand lamps (either tabletop or wall-mount). But, making progress!

two-year anniversary: the house now

Two years into living in the little farmhouse, a lot has changed. You can see the whole transformation here… but for those of you who have been following the transformation all along, here is an up-to-date tour of the house, top to bottom!

Dining Room

Living Room


Yellow Bedroom

Blue Bedroom
Master Bedroom



Front Porch

sconces + mirrors

When dad was here last weekend, he helped me hang some things in the yellow bedroom and the living room.

First, the massive frame of painted tiles that mom found in California and that we thought would be perfect for their room. First we tried the wall between the windows:

But it was a little too big. So we tried it on the wall on the other side of the bed.


Then it was on to the mirror, to fill some space on the wall above the dresser.

It was just the thing the room needed — it fits perfectly between the dresser and the ceiling, and it’s great for making the room feel more open.

With the new side tables that mom found, the yellow bedroom is feeling a lot more complete.
Then dad helped me hang some sconces in the living room:

And I rearranged the table in the corner, just for fun. Because you know me … I can’t help it. A disease, I swear 🙂

curtains in the yellow room

It took three tries, but we finally found curtains we like for the yellow room! “We” meaning, me and my mother 😉 We found them a while ago, actually, but I just realized that I’d never posted photos.

At first we tried patterned drapes, then dark green. I should have taken photos along the way but I forgot.

But I’m glad we found the brown. They’re sheer, so they don’t feel overwhelming in the room. But they also tie the rug and bed pillows together and complement the yellow walls nicely.
Now… we just have to find a headboard that will fit under the sloped ceiling. Ideally we’ll find one that has bookshelves extending on either side, since there isn’t really room for bedside tables. So far it’s been a tall order. Suggestions welcome 🙂

the yellow room

Calling rooms by their colors always reminds me of my grandma. I don’t actually know if she does this, but I have it in my mind that she does.
Regardless, I think I’ll probably end up referring to the guest bedrooms by their colors. It’s just too cumbersome to say “mom and dad’s room” and “the other guest bedroom,” not to mention explaining which one is which. Much easier to say “the yellow room” and “the blue room.” Right? Right.
What I won’t be saying is “the lime green room.” Because that one, my friends, is no more. Along with getting rid of the polka dots last weekend, I tackled mom and dad’s room. {Background: my parents live on the West Coast but my younger brother and sister both go to school here – so, they plan to visit us often, which means I let them pick out a bedroom of their own to decorate and keep their stuff in.}
Mom sent the comforter a few weeks ago, and I picked up the sheets on sale at Target. The rug used to be in their bedroom back home, but I inherited it a few years ago when I officially moved to Minnesota. I picked the wall color based on the gold in the rug and the caramel color of the wood floor:



A gallon of Behr Ultra (primer + paint in one) was just enough for two coats. And it only took about five hours from start to finish! Definitely my quickest painting project to date.