Guess who’s coming to the neighborhood?

Exciting news alert! It’s official: the Nomadic Millers are settling down back in Minneapolis after three years abroad, and they happened to find a house in my new neighborhood. In fact, they’ll be just two blocks from me! (I staked it out a few weeks ago and sent them some photos, since they’re still in Thailand).

Keith and Julia are two of my favorite people in the world (which is lucky because they’re family so I’m stuck with them anyways). This is us in Thailand last fall when I went a-visiting:

Not to mention, I have another amazing cousin (from the other side of the family) renovating a house of her own just down the road. I’ve never lived this close to so much family in my life. I can’t wait until we’re all moved in! Maybe I’ll even stick around for some holidays from now on.

– LG

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  1. Lauren – We’re soooooo excited!!

    love you!

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