let’s eat pie

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First of many frosts | Views from Instagram

Front porch surprise | Views from Instagram

Special visit from College Possible on Give to the Max Day 🙂

you’re in the right place!

I’ve moved! Not houses (heavens, no). But if you’ve been following me at littlefarmhouseinthebigcity.blogspot.com, this is the new place to be. The blog is undergoing a bit of a facelift as I make the transition, but I’ll continue updates about the farmhouse, share recipes I’m trying and tips I’m learning about home ownership.

If you follow me via RSS, the subscription should have switched over automatically. If you’re seeing the “I’m moving” post instead of this one, though, drop me a note and we’ll see if we can get it sorted out (or try http://feeds.feedburner.com/lfitbc or http://www.littlefarmhouseinthebigcity.com/feed/ in your favorite RSS reader). If you’re one of my email subscribers, stay tuned for a new email subscription option coming soon. Friends with WordPress blogs, time for us to get together and geek out.

winter is coming | Views from Instagram

last mow & mulch of the season

carrot soup and apple cornbread

I tried the most divine roasted carrot + coconut soup at a dinner party last month, and was inspired to try recreating it when I saw a beautiful bunch of carrots at the farmer’s market. Read more…

these apples, those apples, all the apples

This is called Apple Day at the Farmhouse.
It’s a real thing.
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recipe ghosts | Views from Instagram

Heaven is: opening an old issue of Bon Appetit, only to be greeted by a handwritten note from a dear friend

harvest at the farmhouse

It’s been both a great season in the garden and a meh season. From a late start planting to another drought, my grass and trees are struggling while my squirrels get the best tomatoes! But this summer’s growing experience did convince me it’s time to cut down a few trees in the back to allow more sunlight in the garden. And my lawn has looked great most of the summer thanks to the fancy new mower/mulcher! You win some you lose some.

Here are a few pics from this weekend’s casual harvest. I got a number of tomatoes and peppers a few weeks back, and a lot of the plants haven’t yielded anything (lemon cucumbers, broccoli, chard, brussels sprouts, beets).

nasturtium, oregano, rosemary, lemon verbena, sage, thyme and basil
a great showing for tomatoes and herbs by the back door
poor pathetic lemon cucumber plant (nothing like past years’ monsters)
healthy tomato plants but lackluster basil, beets and brussels sprouts
wimpy basil + weeds
patchy spots in the perennial bed — to be tackled next year
the part of the garden I habitually ignore (and notice that the window box greens didn’t make it, either)
struggling hydrangea tree and patchy grass!

VOLUNTEER | a poem

Not a poem by me, no, I do not write poetry. This was written for me by a dear friend (and a real poet). It is so meaningful to me at this particular point in my life. For many reasons. I just had to share it with you.
And when Kelin was visiting last week, we took a walk around the neighborhood and high-fived the plants. /love/
            for lgm
            by Kelin Loe
What I want out of a vine is a safe place for insects. 
What I want out of a leaf is a high five.
I saw an ant carrying the still body of a smaller ant across my counter. 
What I want out of a flower is a cutlass. 
My friend has a house in Tuscan. 
She gave me a cactus when I picked her up from the airport.
My friend has a house in Fort Lauderdale. 
She has a plant in her yard with leaves so big we sat beneath one.
My friend has a house in Minneapolis. 
We reached through the cabinet doors for wine glasses.
My friend has a house in Cleveland. 
We stretched out on the new carpet while her dog huffed around us.
Bugs die so much that they must be used to it. 
It is my house, and I am not used to it. 
I do not want my friends to move. 
When the plants get their magic right, I will sleep through the night.