racing to the finish line

It’s now 34 hours before the movers arrive. Let’s not talk about how little I’ve packed, and instead celebrate two victories: the basement and my bedroom are finished! (At least to the point of being ready for furniture.)

A huge thank-you to my friend Jen, who helped me paint on Monday night (and kept me from banging my head against the wall whilst deciding what to do with the living room walls).

It’s a whole new meaning for the words “finished basement.”

baseboards on Monday

baseboards on Tuesday

doesn’t this room just scream “fill me with furniture?”

As much as I love painting (and I do, strangely enough) it’s actually kind of a tragedy that I’ve been stuck inside the last few days because the weather here has been gorgeous. And awesome for my little tomato seedlings, which finally get to hang out on the patio instead of my kitchen counter:

So, that makes three rooms down (and only four to go). Hooray!

– LG


  1. Is it Iced White pear tea, Green Tea or Raspberry Tea? All is gorgeous! My bedroom is next!

  2. Unbelievable! Truly amazing all the work and renovation you have done, Lauren. I’m beyond impressed and can’t wait to see all the rest you do!!!! You’ll never want to leave this house…your little baby.

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